Site Changes

IPaidForThisOneThis site will be undergoing some changes over the next few weeks to make way for the 2017 show. Information and posts about the 2016 show will be removed. Past show results will remain as always, in fact I have an update to make to the 2016 results now that the show has been officially scored and will post when those are ready. Stay tuned, do not unsubscribe!


Videos of BIS Finale

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-11-49-01-amDoug Bolton has posted an excellent video of the Best in Show presentation. This is a professional quality video with far superior camera work than the livestream so everyone can get a better look at the top cats! The video is just 16 minutes, so get a cup of coffee or a margarita and enjoy.


bis1Larry Johnson’s candid photos are up! Check them out here.

At left is the 2016 Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show Best in Show winner, Cinema’s Liberace of Calcat, a white Persian bred by Blake Mayes & Dennis Adler and owned by Deutsch/Hardeman/Ury/Lewis/Wardlaw. Liberace resides in Georgia in the United States.


Another Update to Results

cat_cloth1Winter is upon us! In my house, the cats are hugging the heater vents and screaming at Weather Cat.

The results have been updated again, but the only difference in the combined files is that the owners are listed with the cats in the Best of Breed section.

Photos soon!


Press Release on Winners

See the press release on the 2016 Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show winners!

Updated Results

Corrected results have been posted.  If you find any further errors, please report them to Dick Kallmeyer and he will send me an update. Do not report errors to Mary Kolencik, send them to Dick first.

Show Manager Jim Flanik asked me to post that he found a pair of ladies glasses in a purple case. Email him if they are yours so that he can get them to you.



Congratulations! Results Posted!

odWM545Congratulations to all of the great cats at the 2016 Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Cat Show!

Best in Show was

Br: Blake Mayes/Dennis Adler
Ow: Deutsch/Hardeman/Ury/Lewis/Wardlaw (7)

You can see complete results here, including pdf catalogs of both shows. But check back for photos and more results over the next few days.

Videos of the Best In Show Presentations and from the rest of the show are on Mary Kolencik’s Facebook page. You have permission to share these videos with friends, family, fellow club members and anyone else. These were taken with an iPhone, so do not expect high def or Oscar quality camera work, just sayin’.

Stay tuned for photos of the winners!

Note from Mary K: Remember the Petticoat Junction theme song? “There’s Uncle Joe he’s a movin’ kind of slow at the Junction.” Well, today I’m Uncle Joe. I got home at 3 am (I had to stop and take a nap, and of course stop at Steak & Shake). I wanted to get results up for you as quickly as I could, but I have to go to work now and will not be able to fix or add anything else to the blog until tonight or possibly not even until tomorrow morning. I expect to get agility results later, and photos, but I cannot add them until I get home and can actually function as a normal human being who did not just walk 45,000 steps over 3 days. Please be patient as the ibuprofen kicks in.

Top 5 Breed Booths


Check out the top five breed Booths!

The show is going great. If you would like to see some video from today, go to Mary Kolencik’s Facebook page. There will be more live streaming tomorrow at 10 am as long as Mary is not in a ring. First up will be a visit with Racy Mooner!

New Data from Dick Kallmeyer

image002Dick Kallmeyer put together some interesting stats on our entries. The 2016 Dr. Elsey’s CFA International Show has entries from 16 Countries, 2 provinces in Canada and 39 US States. Check it out here!


And we have a new front runner in the Fitbit Challenge. Rich, Mark, forget it. We’re all toast. Eddie Goatseay is now even money! For those who do not know Eddie, come to row 28, visit the YFEP booth, and ask him to tell you all about YFEP and especially Exotics. Eddie knows his stuff. Barb Schreck wondered if we should have age categories, but then quickly realized that we’d all have to admit our ages. So let’s not go there.

This is looking like it will be a fun side event for people who have step counters. Be sure to share your Saturday total with me even if you do not think you are contending for the win, I’ll post a list of participants after the show. Those of you at home can send me your totals as well, get out there and walk in solidarity with us!


Weather Cat & Other Updates

weathercatWeather Cat has the latest scoop, and it’s not litter. Nothing has changed for Novi from the previous forecast, mild on Friday, cooler and chance of rain on Saturday, cool on Sunday. But, for those of you coming from or driving through western-to-central Pennsylvania, expect snow on Sunday with some accumulation.

A special request from the benching crew. If you know you will be absent (and we will miss you), can you let Mary K know? We will still bench your space, but sometimes there are benching issues and helps to know whether we can break up a benching chain if we have to move people around.

The Vegas odds makers have updated their Fitbit challenge odds. Mark Hannon is no longer favored, he has dropped to 5-1 odds. It seems Rich Mastin wants these bragging rights and is making noise about getting in some laps around the show hall early in the morning, he’s now the favorite at 2-1 odds. The Central Office staff is planning to participate, throwing the odds into chaos! Brian, Shelly and Allene are all 10-1 odds with no clear favorite among that group. Vegas found out that Laurie Coughlan has a prime benching spot, she has now dropped slightly to 12-1 odds. The real question is whether Mary K can get out of long shot status, she’s still at 50-1. She’ll be using the golf cart early in the morning, that’s going to cut into her steps. But once the show starts, will she be able to make up some ground?

If you are planning on participating in the Fancy Fitbit Challenge, let Mary K know at the show (row 24) so that she can be sure to get your total on Sunday.